Does God even care?

In different times throughout my life I've struggled with the idea that the God of the entire universe truly cares for me. Sure, I believe He loves me, as in, He loves all people and that's why He sent His son to die for us. But does He really care about ME personally? There are … Continue reading Does God even care?


To those walking into a nightmare.

I'm so sorry you are here, reeling from the surreal nightmare you can't wake up from. Shock. Numbness. I'm sorry that you now have to live the rest of your life without someone who fills up so much of your heart. You said goodbye not thinking he would be entering a war zone in his … Continue reading To those walking into a nightmare.

Living life with open hands.

Surreal. Synonyms of surreal include unreal, bizarre, unusual, weird, strange, freakish, unearthly, uncanny, dreamlike. Have you ever looked back on your life or parts of your life and just felt like it was surreal? I've felt that a lot in my life, not only with the crazy circumstances of my brother's death but now, as I watched the news story of my son. I often think, … Continue reading Living life with open hands.

To the parents without a happy ending.

Before my son was born and throughout his short life, I would often search for inspiring stories of people with only one arm who conquered a sport or children with visual impairment who still made their dreams come true. I wanted my son to be the inspirational NICU story, who beat all the odds, and … Continue reading To the parents without a happy ending.

First Christmas in Heaven

Oh how badly I wish this was your first Christmas with us, instead of your first Christmas in heaven. Although I can imagine the worship in heaven can't even compare to ours down here. Spending Christmas with Christ himself would be better than anything I could give you wrapped under the tree, but how my … Continue reading First Christmas in Heaven