What if this IS my calling?

I don't know about you, but a nagging question that has followed me from the teenage years until now has been "What's my purpose? Why am I here? What is God's will for my life?" Many people in the Christian faith might even say, "What is your calling?" Our culture and even Christian culture has … Continue reading What if this IS my calling?

The same yet different paths

We both excitedly told our families we were expecting another. We both gazed in amazement at that black and white ultrasound. The sound of our babies' heartbeat made us awe at the miracle growing inside. We both endured morning sickness and heartburn and insomnia. We both felt the kicks and squirms as well as the … Continue reading The same yet different paths

Thank you, but I’m not strong.

Many people throughout my life have said to me at one time or another, "You are so strong". Thank you. Truly, to the friends and strangers who have said that I am strong, thank you. I know you mean it as a genuine compliment. However, I know myself. I know I don't possess a strength … Continue reading Thank you, but I’m not strong.