Older Than You Ever Were

Sixteen. The age my oldest brother died. I remember it being such a peculiar feeling when I turned sixteen, thinking about what it would be like if that was my last year of life, as it was for my brother. Then it was an even sadder, stranger feeling when I turned seventeen. I was now … Continue reading Older Than You Ever Were


A letter to my brother, 19 years later.

John, Has it really been 19 years? It doesn't seem real, when I see your face on the news, it always seems surreal. The day you left, my world was shattered. I bet you never would have guessed that millions would know your story. That with all of the evil that happened that day, even … Continue reading A letter to my brother, 19 years later.

To those walking into a nightmare.

I'm so sorry you are here, reeling from the surreal nightmare you can't wake up from. Shock. Numbness. I'm sorry that you now have to live the rest of your life without someone who fills up so much of your heart. You said goodbye not thinking he would be entering a war zone in his … Continue reading To those walking into a nightmare.

Calling Evil by it’s name.

In wake of today's horrific shooting, I know many people will want to blame gun control, extremism, mental illness or whatever other excuses our society comes up with for none other than EVIL. Even Christians are hesitant to use the word evil. Why is that? The definition of the word evil is "profoundly immoral and … Continue reading Calling Evil by it’s name.