The night my heart went to heaven.

I've debated sharing this part of Joshua's story. The darkest part. However, my desire is that maybe it can give someone hope that through the unthinkable, they can and will make it through. A few years ago I volunteered for Camp Erin. It's a bereavement camp for children. I had always had a heart for … Continue reading The night my heart went to heaven.


10 Things I Learned Having a Baby in the NICU

The nurses and doctors caring for your baby at any particular time, can either make or break your day. We had amazing nurses and doctors. However, I could almost immediately tell which doctors were fighting for my baby as much as I was. The doctors who could tell me the facts while offering hope, not false … Continue reading 10 Things I Learned Having a Baby in the NICU

24 days without you.

It's been twenty-four days without you. Twenty-four long days without holding you and without smelling your sweet scent. Twenty-four days I've missed nuzzling your soft hair with my nose and cuddling you until my arms and back ache. I miss playing with your tiny toes and trying to comfort you by bouncing you in my … Continue reading 24 days without you.