Jude Comes Home

My sweet son is here, Jude Daniel Glader. He's almost four weeks old as I write this. He's beautiful and healthy. Healthy. One word I took for granted with my first two babies and one word I will never take for granted again. Before and after I delivered Jude, I fielded the question, "Is this … Continue reading Jude Comes Home

Tangible love for the invisible

As I look around at all of the gifts for care baskets accumulating and occupying more and more space in our office/playroom, I am reminded that without you, none of this would be here. It's not something we would have done anyway. Fundraising, shopping for great deals, preparing and delivering care baskets for families with … Continue reading Tangible love for the invisible

A letter to my brother, 19 years later.

John, Has it really been 19 years? It doesn't seem real, when I see your face on the news, it always seems surreal. The day you left, my world was shattered. I bet you never would have guessed that millions would know your story. That with all of the evil that happened that day, even … Continue reading A letter to my brother, 19 years later.