79 days plus two

IMG_1847This is a poem my father-in-law wrote to Joshua after Josh went to be with Jesus. I thought it was a sweet tribute to him.

79 days plus two, we hardly knew you.

We got to know you,  Hold you,  Rock you,  Feed you, Too little time to actually know you.

You were my little teapot-short and stout, I adored those chubby little cheeks, and that cute little pout.

You cried, but sometimes never made a sound, all we could do was to pace around.

We could see and watch you, sometimes make a fuss, however we never quite knew if you could see us.

We loved to hold your little right hand, and of our finger, you took hold, you loved to be sung to, or so we are told.

You smiled, breathed, and had trouble breathing, no matter what, we loved seeing you each evening.

You smelled so good, when dressed up in your own clothes, you looked cute as a button,  even more so, when you were wearing nuttin.

At times we couldn’t even touch you, all we could do, was stand by the door, which made us love you, even more.

Your sister finally got to meet you and hold you, your brother wasn’t so sure of you, or what to do.

Your dad and your mom loved you so much, and your beautiful skin, they liked to touch.

They were so proud of you, and accepted you, even with your anomaly, they couldn’t wait to bring you home, to become the 5th in their family.

I remember finally holding you and introducing myself, promising to take you to many Bronco games, only hoping that promise, would improve your health.

79 days plus two-we hardly got to know you!

You became part of the family, those days were intense, our love for you, sure was immense.

In many ways we got to know you real well, why we couldn’t get to know you better?-Pray tell!

With your little left eye, you would take little peeks, I miss your little pout, and those fat chubby cheeks.

No more piks or IV’s, or oxygen tubes, no more meds or withdrawals or that feeding tube.

No more tears, no more crying, no more pain, the former things have all passed away, you can breathe again, in heaven to stay.

Your Uncle John and great grandpa Glader hold you, taking their turns, we will hold you again, our heart sure yearns.

I hardly knew you. I miss your chubby cheeks, and your cute little pout.

A tremendous void, down here is left, you were a big part of us, and we part of you,   many memories of you, will always be kept.

79 days plus two days-for sure a time so precious, eternity to spend with you, the thought does truly bless us.

I miss you little Joshua Toby.

-Jeff Glader



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