Calling Evil by it’s name.

In wake of today’s horrific shooting, I know many people will want to blame gun control, extremism, mental illness or whatever other excuses our society comes up with for none other than EVIL. Even Christians are hesitant to use the word evil. Why is that? The definition of the word evil is “profoundly immoral and malevolent”. Is murdering innocent people no longer evil? Why does our society now have compassion for the perpetrator, making excuses for their behavior, even making memorials to include the murderers?

There is so much speculation that those who died at Columbine were bullies to the shooters and that is so far from the truth. Many of the people they killed were some of the nicest kids in the school, including Rachel Scott who actually tried to reach out to them. They asked a few students whether or not they believed in God before they shot them. They shot and killed a special needs student, Kyle Velasquez, who I am sure dealt with his fair share of being bullied. The shooters were joking, mocking and laughing as they ended beautiful lives.

My point is this. No matter how lonely or depressed you are, no matter how many people made fun of you, no matter how you got your gun; when you choose to murder innocent people, that is evil, and let’s not call it by any other name.


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