Happy Birthday, Joshua

Typically my body starts to remember, at the first signs of spring. If I didn't have a calendar or pictures or anything else, as soon as the weather starts warming up and the birds start tweeting a little more, my body remembers. It remembers the anticipation of my third child's birth. It remembers the trauma … Continue reading Happy Birthday, Joshua


The Dichotomy of Spring: Grief and Hope

As soon as the air starts turning warm and the first signs of spring start emerging, I feel it in my bones. Before my mind even catches on to what's happening, my body remembers. I start feeling anxious, nostalgic, sad because with the arrival of spring comes the cascade of memories. The odd thing is, … Continue reading The Dichotomy of Spring: Grief and Hope

More protein, more steps, more pounds, oh my!

Since losing the majority of my unwanted pounds, I've maintained my weight fairly well. I have noticed that every holiday/winter season I tend to gain about five pounds, which is fine. We should all be aiming to maintain within a range anyway. Well recently, after having gained the holiday weight as well as another five … Continue reading More protein, more steps, more pounds, oh my!

Body Image, Food, and Fitness (part 1)

I'd say it started in middle school, "it" being my super self-consciousness of my body and its shape and size. I had super long and lean legs, but my short torso tended to scrunch everything together, making me very aware that my stomach was not as long and lean as my peers' tended to be, … Continue reading Body Image, Food, and Fitness (part 1)