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Feeling a Bit More Normal

I’ve been meaning to put a new post up for a few weeks now. I just haven’t had the time and to be totally honest, I needed a break from blogging. Not that I write frequently at all, I just tend to experience “computer screen overload” a lot lately.

I’m happy to say though, that I’m finally feeling a bit more normal (or as normal as I was before).

To get us back into the swing of things, here’s a quick recap of what’s been going on in our lives…

May was a CRAZY month for the Cenci household.  It was awesome in that the month itself FLEW by for us and we are now about 9 weeks out (67 days to be exact) from Nick’s PT graduation! It was also awesome because we got to see some of our very favorite people get tie the knot and visit with friends and family for a short chunk of time (photos still to come from these events — once I get my camera back).

I was all stoked to begin the month of travel and reunions. In part because I love weddings, but also because I knew I’d be SUPER busy. By the time I got home from one trip, I had a few days to unpack, try to catch-up on life and then it was time to get ready to leave again.

One thing I didn’t realize though, was that I’m not quick to recover anymore (I’m sure the constant flow of alcohol and lack of sleep helped, too). It’s taken me almost a full two weeks to get caught-up on “life.” And it only took the following:

  1. 64 oz. of bubbly water a day (made with the soda stream, of course!)
  2. Two yoga sessions, weekly (with lots of child’s pose throughout)
  3. Four straight nights of going to bed between 8:30 and 9:30 p.m.
  4. A three hour Saturday nap (which preceded and followed by 11 hour sleep nights)
  5. Running and swimming outside in the sun and LOTS of stretching (some of these are even ‘family’ workouts – which is WAY more fun)
  6. Green antioxidant smoothies and multi-vitamins
We also have been working A TON. Nick’s busy flying around the south-eastern US and I’m working on my freelance business and am going to redesign my blog a bit. So far so good. It’s an interesting time to be freelancing, in part because I feel like there’s just so much opportunity out there and that there are so many different directions that I can take my new “career.” I’m still trying to work all of that out. It definitely requires a lot of individual thinking time and exploration, which is something I’m not really used to doing. Will keep you posted on how this one turns out, though.


Now, your turn? What have you been up to the last few weeks? Any big plans for the summer?

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