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Tour of Homes: No. 1

Here is the first post in the Tour of Homes series.  The house is one of my favorites, purely because of its accents. They have red umbrellas outside on their porches and have a wonderful gated patio for their cars.

I also like their detached garage. It seems that most houses in this area don’t have a garage – if they did, it was built way after the initial home was built. Many of the homes in this block/area were originally built in the 1880’s or 1900’s.

Here’s a look at the house. The fenced in area on top of the house is especially interesting to me…

I also like the black or dark green shutters on the house. Black and white is my favorite color combo!

The house across the street

The other side...

Cute garage

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Tour of Homes: Columbus, MS

A nice stroll down the street...

I’m starting a new series of posts this week where I’ll be highlighting the homes in Columbus, MS. They are GORGEOUS and I think you’ll like them quite a bit – especially if you’ve never been in the southern states.

There are serious plantation-style homes all around where we live. Fans on porches, rocking chairs and beautiful gardens and doors.  We even spotted an original marble block step that was used for stepping out of carriages back in the day… (how cool is that?)

I’m not going to list the addresses and it’s probably likely that the owners of each of these homes  have no idea I’m doing this (I felt a bit creeping taking all the pictures, but figured it was worth it so I could share it).

Anyway, enjoy and let me know which ones are your favorites – I’ll be sure to point out mine.

Stay tuned for the first post!

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