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More on Stella

A few weeks ago I wrote about my excitement for the Tennessee Williams Stella Shouting contest, taking place here in Columbus, Mississippi.

Unfortunately, I had to miss this event due to traveling, but I’ve got the goods for you to see.

According to the local paper, the Columbus Dispatch,  Thomas Easterling, an English teacher at Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science, won first place in the Tennessee Williams Stella Shouting Contest.

Here’s a look at the contest and the winner (I think last year’s were better, but that’s just me).

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You know you live in a small town if…

  • There was a major University pep rally to kick-off the football season and 60 people showed up
  • The Wal-Mart is my favorite grocery store
  • Restaurants are open from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and then again at 5 p.m.
  • Wine has to be purchased at the liquor store (or you’re just in Mississippi)
  • The news anchor is the weatherman on the same broadcast
  • The state fairground parking is right next to the entrance to the actual state fair (you don’t have to walk far at all!)
  • The exercise trail is 2.2 miles in length and has mile markers to prove it
  • Garbage is picked up two days a week (Mondays and Thursdays) – love this BTW
  • Clothes shopping happens at Old Navy, almost exclusively
  • Restaurants aren’t open on Sundays
  • Events happening in the city detract from business
  • Petco, Costco, Target and Macy’s are over an hour away
  • You have no idea where the nearest Starbucks is
  • Traffic consists of being stopped for more than a minute or a five-car line up

I have a feeling I’ll have more to add to this one as the year goes on. Any others we need to add to the list?

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Image source: Wikipedia

Here’s something I’m excited about in Columbus. The upcoming Stella Shouting Contest. You know what I’m talking about, right? It’s a competition in honor of the Tennessee Williams play/movie “A Streetcar Named Desire” (definitely never seen that). If you’re unfamiliar with the “Stella yell,” take a look at past competition participants – you really should take a look, each video is 20 seconds, but well worth it.

The call for participants asks participants to channel their inner Brando and shout up to Stella on the balcony. It also says that the winner will be judged on “emotion, originality, and loudness.”

Now, after seeing and hearing all that, how could you not be excited for an event like this? It’s held in downtown Columbus, every year and the contest is only open for competition to 25 people (are we living in a small town or what?)

I guess every town has it’s little perks, regardless of how big it is…

The competition is September 10 – stay tuned for an update and results!

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Tour of Homes: Columbus, MS

A nice stroll down the street...

I’m starting a new series of posts this week where I’ll be highlighting the homes in Columbus, MS. They are GORGEOUS and I think you’ll like them quite a bit – especially if you’ve never been in the southern states.

There are serious plantation-style homes all around where we live. Fans on porches, rocking chairs and beautiful gardens and doors.  We even spotted an original marble block step that was used for stepping out of carriages back in the day… (how cool is that?)

I’m not going to list the addresses and it’s probably likely that the owners of each of these homes  have no idea I’m doing this (I felt a bit creeping taking all the pictures, but figured it was worth it so I could share it).

Anyway, enjoy and let me know which ones are your favorites – I’ll be sure to point out mine.

Stay tuned for the first post!

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Night Out on the Town

Last night was officially our first “night out” in the town of Columbus. We took a  quick walking tour of the downtown area – about 5 minutes later the tour was complete. I’m not entirely sure it qualifies as a “downtown” by my standards, but it will do.

There are a ton of shops and cute little local stores – similar to the great city of Snohomish, WA (where I’m grew up) – only they aren’t antique stores. The shops consist of A WEDDING SHOP (very exciting), a few party/paper stores, salons, one shoe store, two boutique clothing stores, two lunch cafes and two tux shops.

In addition there are a few great bars and restaurants. Last night we tried Harvey’s. The food was great and the atmosphere wasn’t bad either. The music was interesting – pretty sure they were using the Jock Jam’s CD as their soundtrack for the evening. Overall, it’s a place I’d probably take you too if you came to visit.

While dining, we also saw this gem of a marketing piece. It’s a description of the new Sam Adams beer glass which is designed to make the Sam Adams beer taste better. The highlight for me in reading this was the “turbulator bump” at the top of the glass. Really? Would you buy a Sam Adams because it comes in this glass?

It’s an interesting approach for marketing such a great beer brand. Wonder if it’s working. Let me know if you’ve had the opportunity to have beer from this glass – very interested in what you think.

Anyway – after that we went to this bar called “Fuhgetaboutit.” A perfect place for us as we finish up our marathon viewing of the entire series of  “The Sopranos.” It’s a small old bar, but it has great loud, live music. Not sure who the band was, but it was highly likely they were a group of local teachers here in Columbus (I’ll take a picture next time so you can see what I mean).

I’m thinking it will become a favorite of ours while we’re here. You’ll also notice by clicking on the link I am the first and only person to have ever checked-in there on Foursquare. YESSSSS.

More adventures to come. Stay tuned…


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