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Road Trip

Today’s the day! We’re starting our journey to California.

We spent ALL of yesterday (a full 12 hours) moving and packing up the truck. I have to say, it was pretty much HORRIBLE and I think I had moments where I was regretting our decision to do this move ourselves.

But, now it’s done and I think I can say the worst is behind us–unpacking should be MUCH better.

Here’s our plan for the next five to six days.

1. I-55 North, stopping for the night in St. Louis.

2. I-70/I-29 North through Kansas City, stopping in OMAHA!(Apparently, parts of this road are closed so there will be some detouring going on as well).

3. I-80 West through, stopping in Cheyenne, WY, Salt Lake City and Reno, NV.

We’ll then go through Sacramento and pick up Mr. Tom Chandler who will be helping us with the second leg of our relocation!

It’s going to be a LONG one, but will be happy to be in a more permanent location finally.

Updates to come from the road! Stay tuned…


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The Countdown is ON.

We are now just a few week days from being done with pilot training at CAFB (I say it like I have anything to do related completing this stage in our lives, hah!)– 24 days to be exact.

It is hard to believe though, that just a few months ago I was writing about our “half-way point” in all of this.

This is (hopefully) Nick’s last week of flying in training. After that, it’s just a waiting game to see where we will be moving to next! And we have just 10 days until we get those details! I hope this next week just FLIES by because I’m ready to know (and I know Nick’s ready to be done).

I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about where we’re moving and if we have any idea of where we might be going. The answer is “no.” We won’t have any idea until August 5. Of course we have some thoughts on where we’d like it to be, but even that means nothing at this point.

What’s next – the students will get a list of available airplanes and their locations (hopefully this will happen in the next few days). From that, we make a list of what we’d like in order of preference.

After that list is turned in…it’s entirely out of our hands.

SO… cross your fingers, wish on a penny, say a prayer, rub a belly, light candles, or whatever, for a good list of options for this class to choose from this week!!

Image Source: http://pennyauctionstalk.com  


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One Year in Columbus – DONE.

It’s hard to believe that one year ago, this weekend, Nick and I made the two day drive from Omaha, NE to good ol’ Columbus, Mississippi.

Well, it’s not all that hard to believe…

For the most part, the year has FLOWN by. I’ve been busy with work, travel, random stuff and weddings. And Nick’s obviously been busy with flying and studying.

We’ve made some great friends while here and have learned, um, a lot about “southern culture.” We’ve also spent A LOT of time with each other–which I’ve absolutely LOVED. In fact, I think it’s going to be tough getting back into the swing of things again with deployments and “real” Air Force life. It’s not that training isn’t “real Air Force,” I just think it’s a totally different experience than what you get used to outside of the training world.

We’ve also experimented with lots of recipes and tried growing our own herb garden (which is now dying). We also found ample time to get caught up on our HBO and Showtime favorites (Dexter, True Blood, Mad Men, 24, Sopranos, and I’m sure there were others).

Finally, though, I’m excited to say that in ONE month from now, we’ll know the location of where we’ll be moving and in two months we could very well be OUTTA HERE!

Overall, it’s been a great year, but I’m ready for our next chapter to begin–regardless of where it may take us.


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True Southern Belle Style: Spring Pilgrimage

Every year in Columbus, the town hosts an event called the Spring Pilgrimage — which is a series of activities and tours around the little town that we live in.  Here’s some information about the tradition.

The main features of this annual event, though are tours of the historic antebellum homes throughout the city. There are some really gorgeous, old houses here in town and this is really one of the only chances to go inside them and see the deep history that’s there. Here’s a look at some of the houses (and they are even more impressive when you get up close and personal with them).

The best part of these tours? They are led by “hostesses” in fancy-schmancy, southern belle attire. This means lace, ruffles, poofy sleeves, hoop skirts and very “colorful” fabric – the wh0le nine yards!

This year, the wives of the Columbus Air Force base really got involved and volunteered to hostess during the tours. While this is not something I normally would get excited about, I decided to really EMBRACE this little town for a few hours and put on a dress. Why? Primarily for the photos and to be able to wear a big hoop skirt.

I was assigned to the Rosewood Manor (this woman still lives there) and had the opportunity to tour guests through the garden and gazebo area.

And, at last, here are some of the pictures of the dress, the house and some of the other wives I played “hostess” with.

In general, it was a fun experience to wear the dress, though in all honesty, I’m not so sure I would do this again. We’ll chalk it up to good Facebook photos and a bit of “culturing.”


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Back at it.

It’s 2011 and it’s time to get my stuff together. I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything and for that I’m sorry to those of you that have been reading this blog. It’s been a pretty busy fall and holiday season – but I’m ready to get back to my blogging. I also want to send thanks to all of my friends and family that have said such great things about this blog.

2011 is going to be a crazy year. I can tell already. We’re going to be in Mississippi for quite a bit longer, which will hopefully bring many more adventures and some good BBQ. We’re also going to learn what plane Nick will be flying – that’s going to be a big one for us. 2011 will also bring a few weddings along the way (May is going to be busy) and we couldn’t be more excited!!

Most of all, I’m looking forward to some changes. I think I need something new, exciting and different in my life (besides the city of Columbus) — and my mission is going to be finding that source of change and excitement.

What’s in store for you this new year?

I know many of you have lots going on — I’m excited to hear about it!


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More on Stella

A few weeks ago I wrote about my excitement for the Tennessee Williams Stella Shouting contest, taking place here in Columbus, Mississippi.

Unfortunately, I had to miss this event due to traveling, but I’ve got the goods for you to see.

According to the local paper, the Columbus Dispatch,  Thomas Easterling, an English teacher at Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science, won first place in the Tennessee Williams Stella Shouting Contest.

Here’s a look at the contest and the winner (I think last year’s were better, but that’s just me).

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BBQ Review: The Little Dooey

Columbus, Mississippi has a lot to offer as far as BBQ food goes. This year, I’m going to attempt to visit and review as many of these fine places as possible.

They are small, family-owned, little shacks for the most part, but the food has got to be good. Some are now even bigger chains, but originated here in Missip.

We’ll start with a place called The Little Dooey. This one looks like it’s actually starting to be franchised out. The location here in Columbus is tiny. Nick and I both ordered the “large pork combo” (for under $7) which is a basic pulled-pork sandwich with fries and a drink. We also tried their fried pickles.

All of the food was great and the sauces definitely fall in the category “now, you can’t make that at home.” The fried pickles were also good, but a bit salty. My favorite fried pickles still come from Omaha’s Dundee Dell.

My favorite part of this experience though? This cup and the fact that they have paper towel rolls on each table.  That’s a true BBQ joint.

Next time, I think I’ll have to try some fried okra – it just seems like my experience in the south won’t be complete without it.

Overall, I’d say this place is a great restaurant and is well worth the money. I’ll be going back for sure this year (over and over and over again).

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A Good Weekend in the South.

This weekend two of my favorites had their birthday.  Nick and Penny (one year)!!

We had a great weekend of celebration…

First, I experienced my first assignment night at the base. This is where a class of pilots all get their assignments for what plane they will be flying and where they will be starting the rest of their lives. It’s a night full of suspense for some guys, and is fun for everyone else to watch.

There is a build up of anticipation, stories told and some, disappointment (mainly the ones that are assigned to Columbus again).

It was strange to be sitting there watching people learn what their futures hold. It was also weird to be thinking that in one year, we’ll be doing the same exact thing, feeling that suspense and anticipation.

Saturday was Penny’s first birthday – sadly, she was pretty sick. The poor thing wouldn’t eat or drink a thing. Overall, don’t think she had a good day, but am happy to report that she’s all better and doing well!

Saturday, Nick’s class threw him a surprise party for his birthday! I took Nick out of the house for a quick drink while the guys and gals set-up. We then came home to a surprise BBQ! Nick didn’t suspect a thing – flawless execution (pictures from the party to come to Facebook later).

We had a great night of eating, drinking, friends and to finish our night, that we should experience Mississippi BBQ, that’s where things got weird.

After weeks of seeing ads for the Mississippi State BBQ Championship, we decided this was something we should experience.  Now, from what we had heard about the event, we were expecting a good time and to eat some great BBQ. Um, not so much – big FAIL.

While there was BBQ all around, and a contest underway, there was no BBQ to eat. Word on the street was that it would be hopping in the evening (like Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras in New Orleans).

We were told that this (the booths below) would be the area to experience – despite the fact that most booth were for “invited guests” only (now, if I pay $10 to get in but can’t go into a booth, what am I paying for? I still don’t have the answer).

We attempted the event again after the surprise party. This wasn’t a good idea. Not only was this as far from Bourbon Street as I could even imagine, but I think it was even worse at night. Even less booths, no vendors and one small beer tent. I did however get to dance in the rain, so that made it all well worth it.

Overall, I’d say it was a pretty good weekend, with some crazy moments thrown in there.

How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun?

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This One’s For You, Mom

It’s the little things I’ve noticed around town that make Columbus what it is.

Come to think of it, that’s true for most towns, most homes, and even in most people’s lives.

It’s often tough to find these gems because most people have a hard time stopping to take a look around and smell the roses,” if you will.

This is one thing that my mom has taught me over the years.  That the little things in life are what make it most interesting.  These little things are what turn a house into a home, an ordinary lawn and garden into a sanctuary and a stressful day into a moment of gratitude.

I’m a big fan of old doors, rocking chairs, stained glass windows, big outdoor umbrellas, ugly lawn art and old writing/paintings/advertisements on buildings. This is a picture of my favorite door in Columbus. I see it almost daily and just love it. (I think this would be my mom’s favorite too).

Whether it’s a windmill in a field, an old gate, a painting of a barn, a hot air balloon flying on a Sunday morning, or the collection of old shops that compose a “downtown” main street — stopping to notice these are what help to calm the craziness of the day.

So, the next time you’re out and about–or even at home, do what mom says and stop for a minute to take note of your surroundings. You never know what you might discover.


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Tour of Homes: Columbus, MS

A nice stroll down the street...

I’m starting a new series of posts this week where I’ll be highlighting the homes in Columbus, MS. They are GORGEOUS and I think you’ll like them quite a bit – especially if you’ve never been in the southern states.

There are serious plantation-style homes all around where we live. Fans on porches, rocking chairs and beautiful gardens and doors.  We even spotted an original marble block step that was used for stepping out of carriages back in the day… (how cool is that?)

I’m not going to list the addresses and it’s probably likely that the owners of each of these homes  have no idea I’m doing this (I felt a bit creeping taking all the pictures, but figured it was worth it so I could share it).

Anyway, enjoy and let me know which ones are your favorites – I’ll be sure to point out mine.

Stay tuned for the first post!

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