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It’s Finally Fall!

We’ve now had two comfortable days of weather — in. a. row. That tells me, it’s officially fall here in Mississippi. The leaves are changing colors and of course, we have football now to watch.

You have no idea how excited I am that we’re done (I sincerely hope) with the 90 degree plus weather around here.

The pears are finally falling off the trees and our house is now below 80 degrees (this is a longer story, but the air conditioning isn’t quite up to par in our little home. It’s actually quite hot and not regulated, ever).

I’m excited for fall. It means a few great things are happening:

  1. T-shirt and jean weather – yesssss.
  2. Leaves all over the place.
  3. Gameday.
  4. Apple cider.
  5. It’s almost Thanksgiving.
  6. Cowboy boots can go back on the feet.
  7. Scented candles (fall scents only).
  8. It’s dark out at night.
  9. College swim season begins.
  10. Red wines are back “in” (though, they are never really out).
  11. Rain boots (I like these).
  12. Fires in the fireplace (we have three that are inactive, but I’m going to find a way to make use of them).
  13. Lots of reading time (under a warm blanket, on the couch, with football on in the background).
  14. Being able to spend some QT with family (I guess you can do this all year, but we have extended periods allowing for travel for those of us that don’t reside near the fam).

What’s your favorite thing about fall?

PS – the image is NOT of Mississippi…


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We’ve Got Football!

It’s been quite the effort to get some HD and cable in our house since the move. Last year, we cut our cable down to the basics to save on costs and because we weren’t really watching it. We thought we’d continue that streak here in Columbus. Only, we didn’t realize that 1) there wouldn’t be anything else to do and 2) we had never tried this experiment during football season. Not being able to watch College GameDay, Michigan football or Mad Men, just wasn’t cutting it for us.

It only took three visits from the cable guys and two calls to Tivo to make it happen, but finally, we’re all systems go and the right is speaking to the left.

It really does amaze me that the cable company here has to physically come to your house to make any changes to your TV channel line-up or even to add HD. They even stayed to set-up the Tivo because they didn’t want me to enter the codes for the CableCard myself. AND if you’ve never set-up a Tivo, it takes about an hour. The last guy was here so long, Penny became best friends with him and I felt the need to offer water and a spot on the couch. STRANGE.

At last, though, we’re all set up and all is well in the house. Now, as soon as we get through the weekend filled with football, I will promptly be unavailable for six hours to catch up on my Mad Men.

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