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804441_10102204586632648_1166267792_nIt’s been just over a year since we moved to Napa — and it has gone by SO QUICKLY!

I have to say, that we just love it here (and how could you not?). The weather is perfect almost every day (ironically, it’s not today) and the town is just filled with fun, little things to see, do and be a part of. This is something I have missed since  our days in Omaha.

Besides the wineries, there are tons of things to do and places to visit in this area – from hiking and trail runs to lake excursions and swims, The summer concerts on the Riverfront and the Thursday night Chef’s Markets, to the Farmer’s Market, Truffle Festival and the Oxbow Market. Not to mention we are just a quick drive to the ocean, the mountains and San Francisco.

And because there is SO much going on – I’ve decided to start blogging more about our experiences with all that Napa has to offer (which I should have been doing  all along!). And since so many people come to visit and ask about where to go and what’s good – I thought this might be a great way to start cataloguing it all. Just for fun and also to help other people find some of the hidden gems that Napa has to offer!

More to come on this soon, so keep an eye out for it!

NEXT POST: The Napa Markets!

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Loving Fall…

I think I wrote a post almost identical to this last year, but I’m going to write this one anyway.

Decked for Fall.

I. Love. Fall.

And in northern California, this feeling is only enhanced.

It’s sunny here every day and this weekend…it’s going to be 80 degrees.

I can’t tell you how much this affects my outlook on a daily basis. I wake up each day thinking how wonderful the day is going to be. Which is weird, but good. Though, I will acknowledge that this might only be because we lived in one heck of a sucky place this last year.

Regardless of that, I’m happy. And I’m looking forward to the rest of fall. College football games. Pumpkin flavored everything (including seasonal Clif Bars). Harvest parties (someone in this area HAS to be having one). The leaves changing colors. Trick or Treaters. Pumpkin Spice Lattes from Starbucks (because we have one near us again). And of course Thanksgiving!

I’d also like to recommend that if you are feeling a bit blue (likely because the weather is just not as nice right now), decorate your house/apartment/room/bathroom/door/whatever in FALL decor. Leaves and fake pumpkins are all that you need (a really nice pumpkin candle will help too). It WILL make a difference.

And on that note… Happy Fall, Everyone!

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Two Week Anniversary

It’s been two weeks since landing in California and I’m happy to say that we’re all settled. Or at least we are for now…

We’ve been busy getting caught up on all the random crap that comes with moving. We’ve also started looking for houses. Something we can buy, live in and LOVE during our time here. I think we’ve narrowed down our locations to Napa, Benicia and Davis. They are all such cute towns and would be so much fun for us to live in. More to come on that later though.

A few things I’ve discovered and LIKE about California over the last few weeks?

  • They recycle here. I love that. And, it’s nice to not have to pay a TON of money to do it!
  • The weather is awesome everyday (at least so far!)
  • The farmers market in Napa is just incredible. They also have an adorable year-round market called the Oxbow Public Market. Check out the link and if you come to town, I’ll take you there.
  • There are Nugget Markets here. They are cute little grocery stores, similar to Whole Foods. I love shopping there. Everything is SO fresh and the wine selection is AMAZING!
  • People use their blinkers while driving.
  • There are little trails and bike lanes everywhere for running and biking. We’re actually about to purchase some road bikes too–I can’t wait.
  • There are towns, wine bars, restaurants, shops, Starbucks and Red Robins everywhere! I LOVE THAT.
That’s just a short list of course, but I’m thinking that we’ll be pretty happy here.
Know of any places we should try out? Leave a comment or send me a message and let me know!

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Road Trip, Complete.

For those of you following along (and for those who aren’t), we’ve made it to California! AND we arrived one day early!

The last two weeks have been exhausting. I feel like I have been disconnected from the world entirely and that I also need a serious detox from fast food and sitting. While that was the easiest part of the move, it was tiring.

It was a very pretty drive across the country, though uneventful. I also must add that there is virtually nothing to look at in Nebraska or Wyoming.

Penny did well on the drive. She pretty much slept the entire time. And as you can imagine, she was waking up at all hours of the night while we were trying to sleep.

It was also fun to stop in St. Louis and Omaha to see friends and family! I’m so glad we did that!

Overall, it was a really nice trip.

Here are a few shots — the Great Salt Lake, a Morton’s Salt factory, Penny, Nick, Nebraska, Wyoming, a really sweet soda machine at Firehouse Subs, mountains, cotton fields and of course, a few other random shots.

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We’re Getting Closer…

Hope everyone had one AMAZING Labor Day Weekend!

We spent the majority of our weekend at home. We started packing for our trek across the country. So far, I’d say it’s going well. All of the non-important stuff like decorations, pictures and candlesticks are packed up and ready to be moved. This is of course assuming I put enough stuffing around each item to keep them from breaking.

We spent some time watching football and made some great food–which can typically make or break our weekend. This only happened of course, with about four trips to the grocery store for some sub-quality ingredients.

Nick also spent quite a bit of time mapping out our route for the road trip. I have to say, I’m excited about it. He’s done an incredible job figuring out where we’re going to stop along the way and all the fun stuff that goes along with moving yourselves in the military.

We also celebrated our second wedding anniversary! It’s hard to believe has been two years since that wonderful day.

I also am now completely ADDICTED to the show Army Wives. It’s ridiculously sad, but I can’t stop watching it. I’m not entirely sure how many seasons there are total, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be watching them all…with some Kleenex.

Overall, it was a nice weekend, and it’s one of our last in Mississippi. It’s starting to feel bitter-sweet for me now, though we won’t get into that just yet. More to come on that later.

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Two Years!

Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband of two years!!

It’s been a wonderful last few years, filled with many, many changes. Our puppy, Penny. A move to Mississippi…and on to California. A new job. And some new wonderful friends.

I feel so lucky to be married to the most awesome person ever and I can’t wait to embark on this next chapter in our lives.

The countdown is on for September 14…

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We’re off to California!

I haven’t posted about our lives in a while because it’s just been crazy!

It all started on Assignment night, almost a month ago now. Assignment night was the day where we found out the plane Nick will be flying from here on out and where. This is the day most soon-to-be pilots (and spouses) wait for all year.

It starts out with a roast of each student pilot, then a presentation of what they are flying. It’s all pretty exciting to watch, and at times, even suspenseful.

As most of you know now, Nick was assigned to the KC-10 to Travis AFB, located in Fairfield, CA. We are ecstatic! This was the first choice for plane and location among a list of 25 others–which is simply AMAZING.

For those of you who don’t know, the KC-1o is an air-refueler. It’s pretty large (think DC-10 passenger plane). 

So much hard work and dedication went into making all this happen (on Nick’s part).

The 12-14 hour days, the endless hours of studying, the long flights…and it’s great to see that it all paid off. I can’t truly understand all that went into getting these wings, but am so proud of Nick and is class for what they’ve accomplished.

So, what’s next?

We’re moving to California the week of September 12 for Nick to start another round of training, this time, specifically for the KC-10. ONLY TWO WEEKS FROM NOW!!

There’s a lot to do to get ready for the move, but we’re excited (not that we don’t love Mississippi)…

Once we get all packed and figure out a place to live, we’re going to road-trip our stuff across the U.S. — a five to six day trip (which I hope to blog about). Can’t wait!

In the coming days, I’ll be posting more on graduation day festivities (including pictures) and our new soon-to-be hometown, so keep an eye out for that!

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